Meet Chamtrul Rinpoche, Buddhist Doctor 


August 2018 Spokane Events 

Chamtrul Rinpoche studied at Great Kathok Monastery and then at Sertha Larung in Tibet.  After many years of rigorous studies he gained a vast and profound knowledge of Buddhism and was given the title Khenpo, an equivalent of Doctor in Buddhist Philosophy.  Visit to read more about Rinpoche and his vast activities around the globe.

“From inner disturbance comes outer disturbance. From inner peace comes outer peace. All of the hate and love in this world has come from within.Until inner peace is practiced by all there will be no end to the fighting.” Chamtrul Rinpoche quote.

Neuroscience Proves the Benefits of Meditation, a Public Talk

August 9, Thursday  6 to 8 pm

Location: 4340 West Fort George Wright Drive, Unitarian Church.  Suggested donation $10.00 click on this link to donate


Neuroscience Proves the Benefits of the Bodhisattva Path, Retreat

 August 10, Friday 6 to 8 pm

August 11, Saturday  10 am to Noon  &  2 to 4 pm

August 12, Sunday   10 am to Noon  &   Afternoon potluck    Everyone is Invited!

*It is not mandatory to attend all sessions.

Location: Tsinta Mani Choling, 2902 N. East Oval Street.

Suggested donation $20.00 a session click on this link to donate

If you want to participate but can’t because of distance or any other reasons you can connect by making a donation.  Please note on the donation page any messages.

Donations can also be mailed to Tsinta Mani Center, PO Box 8178, Spokane, WA 99203

Chamtrul Rinpoche 2018 Spokane events click on this link for the poster.  Please share and distrbute.


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