Tonglen Practice & Instruction

Wednesday Evenings

5 Sessions  – June, 2022

The Wednesday Night Series begins again for the month of June. For this cycle Lama Lakshey Zangpo will provide teaching and instruction on the meditation practice of Tonglen. Lama describes this practice as the best meditation for generating the altruistic mind of great compassion. Through the powerful practice of Tonglen, stress and the impacts of stress are alleviated, and all positive energy is increased. 

Weekly Dates: 6/1, 6/8, 6/15, 6/22, 6/29

Time: 6:00 – 7:15 pm (pacific)

Due to the nature of one class building on the next in this topic, Lama states that it is best to try to attend all sessions. If you can’t make all live teachings or can’t join for the start that is fine, recordings will be available for replay.

Lama Lakshey has also expressed that this profound method of fostering compassion should be available to all. Please feel free to share the link you receive with others regardless of their religion or meditative experience.

There is no cost for this event. Rinpoche is providing these teachings as an offering to anyone who wishes to join. If you feel compelled to make an offering you can make a donation towards Lama’s project to build housing for meditators in Tibet. The suggested donation shown  is for guidance. Feel free to offer more or less as you like.

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